Hayrides Cancelled Because of Alcohol Incidents

Hayrides Cancelled Because of Alcohol Incidents

The future of a local business is in jeopardy, all because of alcohol.
WARRIORS MARK, CENTRE COUNTY - The future of a local business is in jeopardy, all because of alcohol.

Nittany Mountain Trail Rides offers hayrides for Penn State students and folks in the Centre County community, but after four students were hospitalized over the weekend for being drunk, the company has voluntarily shut down.

Nittany Mountain Trail Rides has been hosting hayrides for over thirty years. The owners say it's because of recent binge drinking by students before rides, they may not continue.

It's something co-owner, R.B. Powell calls his passion.

"I'm going to miss making 1,000 friends every couple of weeks," he said. "I've had such a good time doing this. We all have."

Nittany Mountain Trail Rides is a business he built from the ground up in 1980 but now, he may be out of business.

"This fall, we've had several groups that have just not complied with our wishes," Powell said. "We've had to send them home in taxis, some groups we've refused admittance totally, other people have gone home in ambulances."

Including this past weekend. Powell says four Penn State students, all 18 years-old, were taken from the farm to the hospital because they were too intoxicated.

He says the problem has gotten worse.

"Two weeks ago, a girl was lost for six hours in the woods because she went into the woods and passed out," Powell said. "We just don't want to be supporting that kind of behavior."

"I was a Penn State student, so I know what the mindset is," manager, Andrea Reed, said.

She's frustrated.

"There's people that just simply don't understand that you can come out and have a hayride and they don't need to pregame," Reed said. "Especially to the point of not being able to get off the buses or the wagons."

She says it's a handful of disrespectful students who are ruining things for everyone else and taking away her income.

"It's very disappointing, not only from the standpoint of if the hayrides end, my job is gone, but I enjoy what I do," Reed said.

Powell says for now, the hayrides are shutdown for the season. He says unless things change, it could stay that way for good.

"We're either going to have to bring about a cultural change, or we're going to quit," he said.

Powell says he has looked into a new security program to bring extra people on to monitor folks coming in for drinking, but says it's a program that will cost at least $500/night, and isn't sure they can afford it.

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