Hackenberg Embraces Game Manager

Hackenberg Embraces Game Manager

Penn State QB Focusing on Decisions and Efficiency.
University Park, CENTRE COUNTY - The term “game manager” when used to talk about quarterbacks is not always a positive description.
But it's one that freshman QB Christian Hackenberg has embraced here at Penn State.

It all starts with how you define game management.
Head coach Bill O’Brien says it includes using time efficiently and making smart reads and decisions.
Hackenberg points to Alabama's A.J. McCarron as a perfect example.
And learning to manage the Nittany Lions’ offense better has been a focus of the freshman's all year.

“Just understanding the run game more importantly,” Hackenberg says of how to be a game manager. “And then understanding that when your number's called to make a play, you have to execute on all cylinders - from the offensive line to me to the receivers running the right routes.”

“Overall he's gotten better and better at that throughout the year and I think as time goes on here, he'll be even better at it,” O’Brien adds.

Hackenberg and the Nittany Lions close out the season Saturday at Wisconsin.
Game time is set for 3:30 p.m.
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