Ground Contamination In Local Neighborhood

DEP still looking for the source.
HOLLIDAYSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY - The Department of Environmental Protection spent Monday digging along Bedford Street in Hollidaysburg trying to find out just how much ground has been contaminated due to petroleum related chemicals.
“The fuel smell is all through the air right now...it's actually giving me a headache,” Local resident Steven Albright says.
Albright says he's been dealing with that smell for more than a year.
An independent contractor confirmed last month the patch of land, right outside Albright's front door is contaminated with petroleum-like chemicals.
On Monday the DEP conducted their own survey.
“People that are in the area, utilizing the area are not at risk from this contamination, as well as their drinking water sources because the residents are on public water, DEP Spokesperson Lisa Kasianowitz says.
The DEP says the contamination is 13-16 feet underground, and they are working to determine how widespread it is and where it came from.
Right now, they're looking across the street at Blair County Oil and Supply.
“Since Blair County Oil and Supply did and does have tanks on their property and underground tanks in the area it could be a possibility of the source,” Kasianowitz says.
The DEP asked the company to voluntarily test their land to see if there's a connection.
They are still waiting for a response.
Meanwhile, Albright just hopes to have some answers soon.
“It's just nerve-racking. You think about it every night and you wonder if you think you're going to get sick from it,” Albright says.
After collecting their samples Monday, they hope to have results and potentially the source of the contamination determined in the next month.

The DEP says Blair County Oil and Supply did voluntarily test their land in 2012 when the contamination was first reported. The DEP says no leaks were found in that test.

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