Get Off the Couch, Pennsylvania!

Get Off the Couch, Pennsylvania!

Pa is 30th in the nation when it comes to physical activity.

Get off the couch, Pennsylvania! A new national report ranks the Keystone State 29 in the country in key health measures.

The state drops to 35 in the U.S. when it comes to smoking---about 2 million Pennsylvanians are still lighting up.

Also we're 30th when it comes to the amount of physical activity we get, the amount of obesity and the rate of diabetes. 

A spokesman for the United Health Foundation, which put out the report, says we need to get to work on those issues.  According to Dr. Reed Tuckson, "there is no way we will ever be able to medicalize our way out of this gigantic burden of preventable chronic illness. We have to turn the spigot off."

On the bright side, Pennsylvania is number 3 in the country in childhood immunization rates and number 9 in its high school graduation rate,

Nationally, the report shows that rates of physical inactivity dropped from by 3 percent, but the obesity rate stayed at 27.6 percent.

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