Gardners Expanding Overseas

Gardners Expanding Overseas

The local chocolate producer will open more than 80 stores in Asia.
TYRONE, BLAIR COUNTY – Gardners Candies announced Thursday they will begin shipping and selling its product in China.

The 116-year-old company announced a deal with Shenzen Health Food Company to sell the candy in 85 stores across China. The company is excited about the possibilities of selling to such a large market.

The company’s president, Chaobin Fan, traveled from China to Tyrone Thursday to tour the factory and meet workers.

“Chocolate has a huge market potential in China because Chinese people now have much more communication with Australia, U.S., Europe, and China has now gained acceptance,” said Fan.

Gardners President Sam Phillips says he hopes Gardners can also sell more chocolate in other countries in the future.
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