Functional Fitness: New Trend

Functional Fitness: New Trend

Functional fitness is a  workout designed to properly train the muscles we use everyday.
If you spend your day doing the same physical activities over and over again, whether it's lifting your baby or traveling for work, then you might consider "functional fitness."  It's popular trend in working out .

Melissa Milme is a writer who spends hours hunched over a desk each day. It left her feeling weak in her upper body.

"Literally i was the girl who when I pushed the door open, there'd be a stranger behind me trying to help me," she says.

 With the help of a personal trainer Melissa is now using 'functional fitness" to focus on strengthening the muscles she's been neglecting.

Personal Trainer Frank Salzone says, "We want to counteract that so as she gets older in life she doesn't want to be hunched over. So we do pulling activities?We open up the chest -working on retraction

According to Salzone, "functional fitness" is a tailored workout designed to properly train the muscles we use everyday.  It works with your own body weight and repetition, not with heavy dumbells and machines.

Whether you spend your day pounding the pavement  or carrying a baby , functional fitness is about training your body to handle real life situations so you avoid injury.

After eight months of training Melissa feels stronger and she says even her writing has improved.

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