Friends Helping Clean Infested Home

Local mother of five arrested for having "deplorable" living conditions.
ALTOONA - Friends are reaching out to the woman who's in jail for allegedly raising her children in a cockroach-infested house.
33 year old Jennina Pratt was arrested last week for having what police called deplorable living conditions in her Altoona home.
Friends of Pratt tell WTAJ she had been struggling for more than a year to keep her home in decent condition.
Dirty diapers, trash and hundreds of cockroaches infest the house along 23rd street in Altoona. Pratt, who has five children, is charged her with endangering the welfare of those children. Family friend Mark Siters says he's babysat those kids before, and now he's trying to lead the effort to clean the house up.
"It needs work. It really needs the community's house and volunteers. Even if it's not for her sake, because a lot of people have judged her, at least think of the kids," Family Friend Mark Siters says.
Pratt is currently being held in the Blair County Jail. Stay with WTAJ for the latest coming up tonight at 5.

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