Four Murder Trials

Four Murder Trials

Two men face the death penalty, while two others reached plea deals.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Two men face the death penalty, while two others reached plea deals.

Jury selection starts Tuesday morning in the Nicholas Horner trial. Police say in April 2009, he shot and killed two people, and wounded a third. He allegedly walked into the back of the Altoona Subway restaurant and started shooting. 19 year old Scott Garlick was an employee at Subway and died from gunshot wounds. 64 year old Raymond Williams was killed a few blocks away. Horner claims he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from serving 3 tours of duty in Iraq.   Last week the judge ruled his lawyers couldn't use an insanity defense.

About 200 potential jurors will report to the Blair County Courthouse. The court will spend most of the day giving instructions. They're scheduled to interview six potential jurors in the afternoon.

Meanwhile Tuesday starts day two of jury selection in another double murder trial, this one in Jefferson County. Police say Steven Rebert killed James and Victoria Shugar in April 2010.  Police say Rebert had a pair of boots in his car with James Shugar's blood on them, they have video surveillance of Rebert in the area on the night of the murders, and they say Rebert used his computer to keep tabs on the police investigation into the Shugar's murders.

Officials expect both jury selections to take all week. Both men face the death penalty.

And a Cambria County man took a plea deal. Andrew Choros pleaded guilty to the third degree murder of his own mother Monday morning.

Choros admitted he killed his mother inside their Cresson Township home on October 29, 2010. The 24 year old will spend at least 20 years in jail. He'll be sentenced February 21st.

And a Johnstown man also pleaded guilty to murder Monday morning. Tae-von Dixon accepted a deal to drops his murder charge from first degree to third degree.  Dixon admitted to killing James Pelham Jr. in July 2010.  Dixon's brother, who was also involved in the shooting, took a plea deal in September.  Dixon will serve anywhere from 17- 40 years in jail.
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