Former Hollidaysburg Teammates Reunite

Navy's Ashlynn Soellner and St. Francis' Mackenzie Walter reunited on the field Sunday for the first time since the two played together for Hollidaysburg.
LORETTO, CAMBRIA COUNTY - With a hug at end of the St. Francis-Navy Womens’ Soccer game on Sunday, former teammates were reunited on the field for the first time since high school.
Navy's Ashlynn Soellner and Saint Francis' Mackenzie Walter both played for Hollidaysburg.
"I miss playing with Mackenzie,” says Navy Senior Forward Ashlynn Soellner.  “I've never played against her so it was interesting even though we're on opposite sides, it was great seeing her."
"It was pretty cool,” says St. Francis Midfielder/Forward Mackenzie Walter.  “[It was] like having the hometown pride playing against her."
The two girls have a long history as teammates, going back before their high school days.
"We played together when we were like 10 on a co-ed boys team,” says Walter.  “That's when we first actually played together and it was kind of funny because we were the only two girls on the boys team.  So, it kind of pays off in the end when you're playing Division I on opposing teams.  It's a pretty nice feeling."
Adding to their Golden Tiger reunion, was their high school soccer coach.  He also happens to be Ashlynn's dad.
"You know, we don't have a lot of kids that go on to play in college,” says Hollidaysburg Girls’ Soccer Coach Dave Soellner.  “But when you do have some kids, go on to the college level, it is really weird to see them play against each other.  When they were younger it was always together.  As they grew and stuff it was always fun to watch them.  I'm very proud of both of them."
The girls actually were close to being Red Flash teammates.  Saint Francis was one of the colleges Ashlynn was considering before she decided to play for Navy.
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