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Flight Schedules Changing

Local airports making changes
The schedule for commercial flights  in and out of the Altoona Blair County Airport  are changing later this week.  The new schedule is a big concern to some of the people who work  to support that air service.
The company that provides the commercial air service  between  the Johnstown and Altoona  airports and Dulles International near Washington D.C.  say the number of flights that offer is not changing significantly.   But the timing of those flights is being altered and that is a concern for some local airport supporters.

A spokesman  for the  Florida based Silver Airways says that the  new schedule of primarily mid-day flights will  enable that carrier to do a better job  of keeping its flights on schedule and meeting the needs of the flying public from this part of Pennsylvania.
The big  changes is that the early morning scheduled departure from Altoona , and the evening  flight from Washington each week day are being eliminated,  Instead there will be an additional mid day flight to and from  Washington .
A company spokesman says the change will allow Silver Airways  to better maintain its equipment at it's hub facility.  But local  officials are concerned about fewer  options for the flying public  from the Blair County Airport.
"They seem to have a winter  schedule and a summer schedule.   I think right now we are going into the winter schedule.   The summer schedule    they usually had the early flights    and the late flight at night,    and they had additional flights on Saturday and Sunday." 

The  representative of Silver Airways say that company is  following the schedule  developed by united express that should  help passengers from Altoona and Johnstown make connecting flight  at the Dulles Airport.  They say he company will continue to provide the level of service currently required under the essential air service programs that helps support commercial air  service to smaller community airports.

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