Flight 93 Commission Disbands

15 member committee says mission accomplished.
SHANKSVILLE, SOMERSET COUNTY - The Flight 93 Advisory Committee was chartered by congress and signed by President George W. Bush in 2002. That group is responsible for everything you see at the memorial and with the finishing touches now in the works for the site, they say now is the time to call it quits.
10 years and exactly forty meetings later Tuesday provided one last emotional meeting for the 15 members of the Flight 93 Advisory Commission.
“I know never know the right words to say, but it has been deep honor as a citizen to help put this memorial on the map,” Commission Chairman John Reynolds says.
The commission was made up of representatives from a number of different groups including people from the local community, family members that lost loved ones and the National Parks Service.
Gordon Felt lost his brother on Flight 93 and has since dedicated himself to providing the right tribute.
“We've worked very hard to give them a proper tribute, and after 10 years it has been great to watch it grow and continue to grow before our eyes,” Families of Flight 93 President Gordon Felt says.
The commission raised more than $40 million in its 10 years and they have seen that investment pay off.
Two million people have visited the site and the overall response is something they say they're most proud of.
“It's just right. When you talk to people that come through the site, it’s just amazing to hear them say we've created something that's just right,” Reynolds says.
And as the commission turns over the memorial to the National Parks Service, it's members say they'll have a special feeling each time they visit the site.
“It was a privilege and a special honor,” Felt says.
“Lots and lots of happy memories. We've had over the last 10 years,” Reynolds says.

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