Ferndale Forced to Forfeit

With injuries on the team, the school has decided to forfeit their upcoming game on Saturday against Meyersdale.
JOHNSTOWN - For the Ferndale football team last Friday night, the game ended a lot earlier that anyone anticipated.

Shade had a 26-0 lead at halftime, when Ferndale make the decision to forfeit the game because of player injuries in the first half.

Ferndale Athletic Director Steve Clawson tells WTAJ that a meeting was held Monday with the principal, head coach, athletic trainer and the athletic director where it was decided that Ferndale will forfeit this Saturday’s game with Meyersdale.  The group of administrators will decide week by week whether or not to play their next game.

Clawson said the group is waiting to hear about the recovery process of its injured players.  He says Ferndale has enough players to field a team but not fill each position safely
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