Federal Prison Paycheck Concerns

Federal Prison Paycheck Concerns

Federal Workers concerned about pay-less paydays.
The on-going Federal Government shut down is creating a big financial worry for some prison workers in this region. Employees at the federal prison in Loretto are still on the job.   But as of October First, they are no longer being paid.
When the partial federal government shut-down went into effect last week, workers at the Federal Correctional Institution in Loretto were told they had to stay on the job. Only their pay checks were ending until the funding dispute is settled in Washington.

There are currently about 260 people on staff at the Federal Correctional Institution in Loretto, Cambria County. The growing likelihood of pay-less paydays is a big concern for many of them.
“Every body is mad, every body  wants to know how we are going to pay for our house,  how we are going to pay for our cars,   how we are gonna put our kids in day care to come to work  I mean staff morale is down.  The prison is safe because we come to work   but staff morale is just way down.”

The federal prison in Loretto currently houses about 1500 hundred male inmates.  While this is listed as a low security, U.S. Federal prison, staff members say there is still plenty of job related stress that goes along with making sure that this prison is operated smoothly and efficiently.  Some correctional officers say they don't need the additional financial pressure that will come along with unpaid bills mounting up.

“Our home loans and car loans and every day bills, I'm sure they understand that we are not getting a paycheck.  But they still want their money.  Every body still wants paid.  But we don't have it, we are not getting paid.” 
The prison employees have been told they will be receive one  final partial check this week  for hours worked before the October First government  shut down . But that will be it until the stalemate in Washington is resolved.  And a number of prison employees say that could mean a real hardship for their families in the near future.

“I've got to pay for everything. Everything keeps on moving forward   but I ain't getting a pay check.  And it puts a heavy burden my family.” 

  Several prison employees from this institution were in Washington last week trying to convince their representatives to provide adequate funding the federal prison system.   While they've been told they will be paid retroactively after the federal shutdown ends, there is still is plenty of concern about how they will get by until those regular pay checks resume.

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