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Fans React to New Penn State Coach

Reaction to Coach Franklin Announcement
ALTOONA  -   Even before the new coach was formally introduced Saturday afternoon, plenty of people interested in the Penn State Football program were already well aware of the hiring of the new coach.

Across the region Penn State fans were expressing strong opinions about how they believe  James Franklin will fit in with the program they care so much about.
"I think it would be a good fit. He seems like a good guy has a good track record,  He's done well at academic institutions and Penn State Prides itself on being an academic institution.    His track record bodes well for Penn State."

A key reason many of the fans here already support the Franklin selection is his past record as a college coach.

 "I think he’s done a good job, gonna do a good job.  He did a good job at his previous college so  we look good for him to recruiting everything,   he'll do good."   

 Fans who are applauding his selection hope Franklin's  past success  at Vanderbilt will give a boost to the Penn State Program.
"I think it is a good job. I think they done good the first time and I think he will do all right for us."   

 While there were fans said they would have preferred another candidate for the head coaching job, the majority of those speaking out today were already backing Franklin for a number of reasons.
"He's from Pennsylvania so I look for him to bring that spirit back into the program.  Pennsylvania is used to it."
 "But hey, the guy that they did hire, Franklin, has a good record with Vanderbilt so he should be good."

 Several of the fans I talked to said they just wanted to see a Penn State Coach who is committed to the program and will stay around well into the future.

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