Environmental Protection Examines Well Pad

A local resident is concerned construction at a well pad is causing sediment to run into a creek.
 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, JEFFERSON COUNTY - Brockway resident Nick Barber is concerned construction at a well pad could be causing sediment to run into local creeks.

" A lot of people from Brockway put a lot of effort into maintaining our local streams and I feel that this contractor coming in should also be doing the same thing" he said.

He contacted the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

"I would like to make sure they are following the approved sedimentation control plans that they have established for the contractor to establish safe construction out on the site" he said.

Twice DEP visited the site and in their reports they say EQT has no violations.

EQT owns and is constructing the well pad known as the Horizon Well pad. It is located off of Tin Can Rd. in Washington Township.

The company is based out of Pittsburgh. They say safety for their employees, the environment and the community is one of their top priorities.

They add they always have an employee onsite monitoring to be sure the environment is not polluted.

Barber says he is disappointed the DEP isn't doing anything about what he alleges to be a sediment issue and he will continue to monitor the situation. He has not contacted EQT.
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