Emery Cat

Emery cat is designed with a honeycomb surface that acts like a high tech nail file for your cat's claws.  When your kitty scratches on the emery cat scratcher, their nails become more and more blunt.  It is actually very similar to the nail files that we humans use.
Emery Cat

  • cat nip enhanced so cats should want to be on the board
  • fun play toys attached to keep their attention
  • after one harsh scratch our emery cat board had a hole in
  • a viewer sent us the photo below showing what happened after 2 cats used it for just a few hours.  They were able to destroy the honeycomb surface and their nails weren't really any shorter
***TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW*** We are giving the Emery Cat a 1 out of 4 star rating.  This product may work for some cats but for the 3 tests we did and the one viewer testimony we didn't get any good feedback.  The cats didn't even seem that interested in board.

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