Elephant Experts In Central PA

200 elephant and rhino experts make trip to Somerset.
SOMERSET COUNTY - Not many people picture elephants when they think about Somerset County, but that's exactly where five of them have called home since 2007.
 “This facility is fabulous for the animals and the community has been fabulous welcoming us in Somerset,” Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium President Dr. Barbara Baker says.
The International Conservation Center is dedicated to learning more about how elephants interact, and this week 200 experts from around the region joined in on the conversation.
“It's amazing the collaborations. People don't know what they're doing in other parts of the world because you're so focused on your project that you’re not sure what's going on in the rest of the world.,” Dr. Baker says.
The seminar takes place every year at a different spot all over the world.
After spending a few days in Pittsburgh the group made the trip to Somerset for the first time.
 “We are the ICC and this is an international conference, so it's fantastic for people from outside the United States to see our program and what we're going with elephants,” ICC Elephant Manger Jody Watkins says.
With the elephant and rhino population continuing to decline worldwide, these experts are studying everything from animal behavior to vet care, all in the hopes of preventing extinction.
“It's still up for grabs whether the African or Asian elephants, or any of these animals, are going to survive,” Dr. Baker says.
The center is considering expanding and they've already added a few antelope. After this weeks seminar they have even talked about bringing in a few rhinos.

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