Eggies are plastic containers that allow you to cook eggs without the shell.  Eggies claim that you don't have to deal with messing peeling.


  • Eggies are dishwasher safe
  • 6 eggies come with a free egg separator


  • lots of pieces (4) plastic pieces per eggie
  • the hole in the top is not easy to pour the egg into
  • you have to wipe the eggies (top and bottom) with a non stick cooking spray before each use
  • it takes a longer time to cook because the plastic has to heat up for the cooking process

***TEST IT TUESDAY REVIEW***  - We gave the Eggies a 1 star rating.  We liked the concept of not having to peel eggs, but this process takes far longer and is pretty messy.  The egg yolks (even for average size eggs) have a hard time fitting down in the top of the lid.  After 17 minutes we did finally have hard boiled eggs, but only 6.  You would have to buy 2 sets of Eggies just to do a dozen eggs.

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