EcoCAR2 Competition Team Prepares

EcoCAR2 Competition Team Prepares

Penn State student engineers are at it again.
PENN STATE, UNIVERSITY PARK - Penn State student engineers are at it again.

A group of about 50 students are participating in their third EcoCAR competition this year and showed off their work to University President, Rodney Erickson Monday.

Students are transforming cars into alternative fuel vehicles to make them more eco-friendly.

Last year, students won the national competition and they're hoping to bring home the trophy again this year.

They say besides the competition, education about how to save energy with cars is important.

"We always like to educate the community about the advantages and benefits of advance vehicle technologies," team member, Cheyenne Sexton, said. "Looking into the future, we're going to need that."

The team will compete in June.
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