Early Detection Breast Cancer Test

Early Detection Breast Cancer Test

Claims to find bad cells before they turn into breast cancer.

The makers of a new medical test say it can determine whether a woman will get   breast cancer, years before it actually develops.

The FDA recently cleared the Mammary Aspiration Specimen Cytology Test System(MASCT). It uses a  type of breast pump to draw  fluid from each nipple.

The fluid is then examined under a microscope to determine whether the breast contains normal, pre-malignant, or malignant cells.

The doctor who developed the test says, if the fluid shows an overgrowth of abnormal cells---called a-typical hyperplasia, a woman has a higher risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Steven Quay says, "we know that not every hyperplasia becomes cancer, but we know you can't get cancer without having hyperplasia or atypical hyperplasia before that."
Dr. Quay compares the MASCT to the Pap test which spots potential cancer  cells in the cervix.
He recommends his test for women in their 20's to their 40's because they can make lifestyle changes or take medication to reduce their risk of breast cancer.
For more information on the MASCT test go to www.getforecyte.com


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