Double Murder Jury Selection

Double Murder Jury Selection

<br>Jury selection for Steven Rebert began Monday morning at 9:00am. Rebert is charged with double homicide for allegedly shooting James and Victoria Shugar in April 2010.

BROCKWAY, JEFFERSON COUNTY - Jury selection has begun for the murder trial of Steven Rebert, 45, who moved from Western New York to Emporium 5 years ago.

Rebert is charged with allegedly shooting James and Victoria Shugar to death on April 10, 2010 in their Snyder Township home. 

 Police say their son found their bodies in the basement covered by a quilt and cardboard box.

After a two month investigation police developed Rebert as the prime suspect. Neighbors say they saw Rebert driving around the Shugar's Home on Coal Tipple Rd. in Snyder Township about a month before the murders.

Neighbors thought the vehicle was suspicious and called police with the license plate number.

This tip is what police used to track down Rebert.

In his first interview with police, Rebert denyed ever meeting the Shugar's though, police say he was at their flower shop twice and may have been stalking one of their employees.

Rebert also allegedly told police he was not in Brockway on April 10, but video obtained from Sheetz shows he was in the area on that date.

Police gained a warrant to search Rebert's car and found the shirt he appeared to be wearing in the video and they found a pair of boots.

Lab tests reportedly show James Shugar's blood was on the bottom of the boots.

A search of his computer also revealed Rebert may have been looking up media coverage of the murders.

With this evidence, police took Rebert into custody on June 11, 2010.

Now, jury members are being selected and interviewed by both the defense and prosecution. Once a jury is selected the trial will begin the following day.

Rebert may also be linked to two murders in New York that happened in 2005 and 2007.

Within a mile of his home in New York Kevin Smith and Bill Fickel were both murdered.

While investigating the Shugar case police found Rebert allegedly conducted web searches on both Fickel and Smith's murders.

He has not been charged with those murders.
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