Double Homicide Investigation Update

Double Homicide Investigation Update

Few details released by Police
Police in Johnstown say the recent double homicide in the city's Minersville neighborhood is the subject on an on-going investigation. But they are not releasing much information about the case at this time. Several neighbors say they would like to know about efforts to catch the killer or killers.

The Chief of Police in Johnstown said Friday afternoon that investigators still believe the two murder victims in this case were deliberately targeted. That is why people who live near the murder scene do not have to be concerned about their safety according to the police. But some of those neighbors still have their fears.
When it comes to any officials update on the murder investigation, both the Johnstown police department and the Cambria County District Attorney's office say there is little new information to release. That is a concern for some people who live near the home where two people were shot to death.

"It's very shocking,  I don't know what the reason was,  I means most of the time something  like this happens   its because of drugs and I'd like to think it  wasn't happening that close to around where me and my people are living at."

Local authorities say there is an active investigation in the shooting deaths of Kevin Burt and Alicia Welborn in the home on Benshoff Street. But when it comes to specific details of that investigation, little information is being released at this time.

"At this point,   we know that this is a double homicide, involving a shooting and the Johnstown Police department is conducting an on going investigation regarding these murders. 

The Johnstown Police Chief said there was no update on any suspects that may have come to the attention of police.  Any possible drug charges filed against one of the individuals who found the murder victims is not related to the homicide according the Police Chief.  But the lack of any new information about the search for a killer is a concern for some people who live near the crime scene.

"We don't know anything.   My granddaughters live there, they play here.    It's crazy.  I think we have a right to know something.   Put our minds at ease."         

So far, Johnstown Police have not said why they think these murder victims were specifically targeted by their killer.  But they maintain that this was not a random crime and that should be a significant factor in their on-going investigation.

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