Donated Equipment Helps Program

Donated Equipment Helps Program

Emergency Training programs gets a boost
ALTOONA - A program that trains future volunteer firefighters is getting a boost from a Blair County Fire Department.

The Phoenix Volunteer Fire Department recently got a grant to purchase a new air compression system.   Their old system that is no longer needed was today donated to the Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center.  The gear will allow the emergency service training program at the school to do a better job of preparing students for future jobs in emergency services.

"Well this is a big step for my program.  Up until now we haven't been able to use s-u-b-a training on live air which is critical because it is impossible for me to teach them air management if they are not using the air."

The donated equipment will allow students in the program to re-fill the air bottles that can play a big part in training future volunteer firefighters.

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