Does Weight-Loss Surgery Work Long-Term?

UPMC researchers follow patients 3 years later.

For people who are severely obese, weight-loss surgery can be an effective  way to slim down,  reduce blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. But how long do those good effects last?
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center looked at data on 2400 severely obese people,  three years after  gastric bypass surgery or laparascopic banding. Most  patients lost the most weight, the first year after surgery and had kept a much of it off three years later.

People who'd undergone the surgical procedure lost about 31 percent of their initial weight and more than 60 percent saw improvementi n their diabetes. Those who had gastric banding lost about 16 percent of their weight and had a 29-percent improvement in diabetes. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure improved in almost everyone.
Study authors say, while there were improvements in weight loss and other health outcomes for gastric banding patients, they were less than what has been shown in prior studies.

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