Do You Need to Re-install Your Child's Safety Seat?

Do You Need to Re-install Your Child's Safety Seat?

Safety experts change recommendations.

Safety experts say the way you've been installing your child's car seat may not give the best protection. Parents are now being advised to use the regular seat belt instead of the LATCH anchor, in some cases. It depends on the combination of your child's weight and the weight of the safety seat.

If the child and the seat together weight 65 pounds, parents should use the seatbelt to anchor the seat. SafeKids Blair County Coordinator Sherry Turchetta says, "we're trying to make parents more aware that they need to be cognizant of the children's weight, as well as age and the weight of the car seats."

Sherry Turchetta says LATCH anchors may not hold during a crash, if a child and safety seat together, weigh over 65 pounds. Starting next month, LATCH anchors in cars must be labeled to show how much weight they can bear.

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