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Do You Have "Text Neck?"

It can lead to painful neck problems.

Many of us spend hours each day looking down at our phones. Sometimes it's a real pain in the neck. Your head weighs ten to twelve pounds. Frequently looking down adds pressure and weight on your neck and spine,  and can lead to medical problems.

Dr. Andrew Bang, a chiropractor at Cleveland Clinic says, "it can lead to degenerative disk disease, which is irreversible, bone spurs start to grow, people get pinched nerves or herniated disks and that can lead to really intense pain."  

Dr. Bang says, if you have muscle tightness or fatigue or find yourself feeling like you need to crack your neck, shrug, or crunch up your shoulders, it may be an early warning sign of "text neck."

Changing your posture may help. Bring your phone up to eye level so that your head stays on top of your shoulders instead of stooping down,  looking at your lap.

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