Do Local Schools Protect Allergic Kids?

Do Local Schools Protect Allergic Kids?

New federal law urges EpiPens at all schools.

A new federal law encourages states to mandate that all schools stock Epi-Pens.
It's estimated that one in 13 children have food allergies and some of them have severe reactions which makes it impossible for them to breath.
Some children have a prescription for EpiPens which can inject a drug that stops these reactions in the event of an attack.

The new law urges states to require schools to keep these automatic injectors in stock. State lawmakers are considering that type of legislation, but several schools in our area say they've  been prepared to help kids with allergies, for years.

Heidi Arruda,  a certified school nurse at State College says the district has had Epi-pens in stock for at least a decade. The Altoona, Johnstown and Hollidaysburg school districts also tell us their nurses have the injectors at all school buildings in case a student or staff members has a severe allergic reaction.

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