Defense “Expert” Charged With Perjury

Defense “Expert” Charged With Perjury

Court documents allege the expert gave false testimony regarding his qualifications.
BELLEFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY – State Police have charged a doctor with four counts of perjury after discovering he had lied about his qualifications as a defense expert in multiple cases across Pennsylvania.

According to police Joseph Citron, M.D. was called upon to testify in two Driving Under the Influence cases in Centre County in January 2011. During each trials Citron was presented as an expert in blood testing and Standard Field Sobriety Testing.

Citron claimed he was an instructor at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center training officers in the area of first responder and Field Sobriety Tests in 1991. Furthermore he testified he was appointed to the Georgia “Drunk Busters” task force in 2000.

In July 2013 the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation examine Citron’s affiliation with the programs. The investigation revealed Citron had falsely testified about his involvement with both programs.

Citron faces four Felony Perjury charges and four misdemeanors. Clinton, Dauphin, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties have also filed charges relating to his false testimony.
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