Defense Building Case in Fatal Nightclub Shooting

Defense Building Case in Fatal Nightclub Shooting

Attorney says there's more to the story.

ALTOONA - The attorney for a man accused in a fatal nightclub shooting is beginning to build his defense, around the premise of self-defense.

Witnesses told police there were problems between two groups at Choices in Altoona just before midnight on Halloween.

As one of the men involved went to leave, he was apparently followed to the doorway by Hugo Baez.

Investigators said surveillance video from inside shows Willie Solomon grabbed Baez and that's when the 20-year-old from New York shot the 22-year-old from New Jersey multiple times.

Solomon died at the hospital.

Baez fled, but was tracked down a few hours later by police in Huntingdon County.

Baez's attorney, Tom Dickey, said he's in the process of getting copies of the surveillance tapes-- and is eager to see them-- but that they may not necessarily tell the whole story.

"What does it show, what doesn't it show? How much of the incident is on tape?" said Dickey. "If there's previous instances that would place my client in fear, and those type of things, are those on that tape?"

Dickey said he's planning on being prepared for Baez's new preliminary hearing date. It was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but was continued until Dec. 6.

Baez remains in jail without bail.

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