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Daycare Fever

High fevers keep kids at home.

It can come  as a surprise to the parents of young children,  but not to their daycare provider. As we get closer to winter, the more likely it is for kids are to get colds and fever. We stopped by the baby room in a local daycare today to check out a  recent outbreak.

At the Hollidaysburgt YMCA Child Care Center, a number of children and staffers came down with a virus last week, according to Child Development Director Sandy McGough. She says the main symptom was a fever that lasted about 24 hours and it seemed to hit more of the youngest children.

McGough says the best advice for stopping it is keeping children out of daycare a little longer.  She says, "sometimes we feel they're sending them back too son. Sometime they just need that extra day at home to kind of relax and get rejuvenated."

She says, even though cleaning and disinfecting are a constant at the Children's  Center, they may be stepping it up a little.
Unfortunately, McGough is afraid this is probably only the beginning of  colds, sniffles and fevers in this crowd.

She says, ruefully,  "we always hope it's going to be a flu free season, but we know in actuality, that's not going to happen."

Other than keeping your children home when they're sick McGough recommends telling your daycare provider what's ailing your kids  so they can warn the other parents what's coming.   And wash your children's, hands, their toys, and their blankets frequently.

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