Zumba is a Fun Way for Kids to Get FIt!

Zumba is a Fun Way for Kids to Get FIt!

In today's Fit Kids First, we look at a fun form of exercise that many don't even consider exercise, because it's too much fun!<br /><br /><br />
Joy Shutty, Zumba instructor says, "It's a lot of fun. Most people like to dance so it's a fun way to exercise.  It kind of has hidden exercise benefits so you don't realize you're exercising."

Kids of all ages are getting into the zumba dance movement.  Joy Shutty of Brickhouse Cardio in Ebensburg promotes this healthy form of exercise for everyone.

 "It gets them moving and keeps them active. It also introduces us to music."

For kids who may not normally show their moves in public, Zumba is a non-threatening way to get moving.

 As Shutty explains, "There's a lot of people that would never dance in public before and once they see how much fun it is, they're not shy about it."

For Joy, and the many who join her in this latest exercise craze, it's all about the dance.

"It's fabulous! The cardio just really gets your heart pumping,  you're covered in sweat when you leave but you feel amazing you have so much energy you feel very positive."
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