Students Show Off Unique Car

Penn State Students show off their EcoCAR 2 competition car.
STATE COLLEGE, CENTRE COUNTY – Students at Penn State were showing off a pretty unique car they completely reengineered on Saturday.
It's the team's competitive vehicle for EcoCAR 2. It’s all part of a three-year competition that challenges students from across North America to take a Chevy Malibu and make it more fuel efficient and better for the environment. Students say they spend about 14 hours in the garage a day, working on this.

"You can see people in the garage until 1:30, 2:30, 3 o’clock in the morning, but people really want to be there,” said Cheyenne Sexton, of the Advanced Vehicle Team.  “We don't just do it because we have to we do it because we want to. We ultimately participate in this competition to educate everyone but also to improve the automotive industry."

Their car will be on display again when the official competition takes place this June.

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