Woman Loses Fight to Keep her Dogs Alive

Woman Loses Fight to Keep her Dogs Alive

A woman watched her two dogs be put to sleep, after loosing in battling in court, where the judge claimed they were too dangerous

BRADENTON, FLORIDA - The owner of 2 Australian Shepherds said her final goodbyes to her two  dogs on Thursday night as they were euthanized.

The Shepherds, Buck and Bill have been at the center of a controversy in Bradenton, Florida.

They were both declared dangerous after jumping out a window, and biting a teenager riding by on a bicycle.

The owner, Karen Ersking, held out hope until the end.

There were even protests at the Manatee animal shelter.

Erskin was allowed to be present as the dogs were put down...

She said, "I held them while they passed and I blessed their lives and let them go to God and thank him for allowing them to be with me for the better part of a decade."

Erskin said says she plans to continue the fight for other animals in her dogs' memory.
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