Woman Loses 130 Pounds

After being in the hospital three times in a year, a woman decided to change her life!
MORRISDALE, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Kimberly Sones was 268 pounds sitting in the hospital for the third time in a year when the doctor told her she had to make a change or she could die.

February 10, 2010 she went on a diet. She cleaned out her cabinets, got rid of processed sugars and limited her carb intake. She started exercising, by at first only walking about an eighth of a mile. Soon the distance grew and at her peak weight loss time period she was walking over 3 miles a day.

"I was always one to look at magazines and think there's no way that's not real people can't do that, you can't lose that amount of weight in 10 months. No one does that. It can't be real, but yes, you can, you can; It can happen it does happen, I did it" she said.

She has kept the weight off and wants to be an inspiration to other trying to lose.

She does say she had a lot of excess skin so she did have surgery to remove the skin, but the weight loss was all her own will power.

" I tell people everyday, yes I look good, but the feel good is the most important thing" she says with a smile.

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