Watching Pirates On Friday Could Be Tricky

Watching Pirates On Friday Could Be Tricky

Major cable provider does not carry cable channel broadcasting game on Friday.
ALTOONA - Friday's National League Division Series game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals will be broadcast on the Major League Network, and that could mean many TV viewers in Central Pennsylvania will not be able to watch the game at home.

Atlantic Broadband, a prominent Central PA cable provider does not have MLB Network as an option on any of its cable packages.

Altoona resident and Atlantic Broadband subscriber Darlene Scarpaci just learned she wouldn't be able to watch the game at home on Friday.

"Oh wow, I didn't know that," she said. "I'll listen to it on the radio," she added.

For Hollidaysburg bus driver Larry Wertz, it's the exact opposite story.

"I'll be at home watching it," he said. "I use a satellite service."

There are some MBL network options depending on where you live in Central Pennsylvania and what TV services are available.

Brockway TV, Dish Network, Direc-TV, Comcast, Fave and Zito all offer the MLB network in some of their cable packages, but some of these services are not available in some parts of Central PA.

WTAJ reached out to Atlantic Broadband to find out if any sort of compromise would be made or if MLB Network would eventually become an option for cable subscribers. It has not yet responded.

The game is slated to be broadcast this Friday on the MLB Network at 1pm ET.

To see if what services carry MLB Network, click here.
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