Too Late to Get a Flu Shot

Local doc says so.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Just  yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control  again urged everyone to get a flu shot, saying the vaccine lowers the risk of having to go to the doctor by about 60 percent.

Influenza  has hit more younger people than usual this year, however, the latest figures suggest that the flu has peaked in Pensylvania and many parts of the nation.

One local doctor says if you got the vaccine right now, it wouldn't be effective until mid-March, and by then, it probably wouldn't make any difference.
Dr. Megan Hess, a family physician at Blair Medical Associates says, "the season just kind of shifted from early in the year  and it actually waned in December and January."
However, she says people with a compromised immune system would still benefit from a flu vaccine, this season.

Dr. Hess  says health experts now recommend that you  get the flu vaccine in August because it will last through the season.
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