Time to Register Tanning Beds in Pa

Anyone operating a tanning facility for a fee must apply.
HARRISBURG - The State Health Department announced another phase in  the implementation of Pennsylvania's  new tanning law. It requires any individual or corporation that operates a tanning facility to register with the health department. Any place where a tanning device is used for a fee, membership or any other compensation is considered a tanning facility.

"The department recognizes that we are trying to reach a broad audience as the law applies to not only retail tanning shops, but also many gyms, beauty salons, apartment buildings and other locations that may offer tanning for a fee," Secretary of Health Michael Wolf said.

The application for the certificate of registration is now on the department's website, along with more information about the new law.
The registrations must be completed every year. Inspections of the tanning facilities will begin in 2016.
The law also bans the use of tanning beds by kids under 17 and requires parental consent for 17-year-olds.

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