Three Little Bears Caught

Three little bears and their mom caused some ruckus in one Cambria County neighborhood.
RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, CAMBRIA COUNTY--- Three little bears and their mom caused some ruckus in one Cambria County neighborhood.

"Around 5:00 this morning I heard a banging sound and then one big bang sound," said Vicki Shelley.

That banging wasn’t her alarm it was three little bears with their mom.  They were caught outside of Shelley’s along Devon Drive in Richland Township.  Shelley said they saw a bear over the weekend but did not realize there was more than one.

"We definitely saw the mother bear Saturday night,” said Shelley.  “At that point I swore I saw a baby cub and then obviously this morning we got the confirmation that there was not just one cub there were three."

"This is an area that bears seem to frequent a lot,” said Seth Mesoras, State Game Commission Wildlife Officer.  “There are a lot of houses on this particular road that border good bear habitat, and once you have that this time of year the garbage makes for an easy meal for the bear."
The Game Commission set up the trap on Tuesday and the bears were all safely caught early Wednesday morning.  They were taken to the State Game Land about 15 miles away.

Mesoras said bears typically avoid humans it’s the food they’re after.

"Bears are more scared of humans than we are of them,” said Mesoras.  “What they're trying to do is find food and if they can find an easy meal in a bunch of garbage cans and bird feeders they're not going to leave."

Officers said people should keep their garbage cans inside until the day of collection.  They also said people should monitor how often they see the bears before calling police.

“Even if you’re not sure you can call the Game Commission,” said Mesoras.  ‘Don’t ever try catching the bear yourself- we are trained and know what to do.”

Shelley said it was nice to meet the bear family but they’re neighbors she isn’t going to miss.

"I like our neighbors so far but those were not necessarily welcomed," said Shelley.

There are more than four thousand bears in Pennsylvania.  Typically bears roam outside their normal habitat in the late spring and early summer months according to Mesoras.

Game Commission can be reach at (724) 238-9523.

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