The Goal of an Ice Rink

The Goal of an Ice Rink

A local group of residents are trying to bring a hockey rink to the DuBois region.
DUBOIS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - The closest hockey rink to the DuBois area is 45 miles and over an hour away. Kids, in the area, are only able to play roller hockey.

With Penn State going division 1 and the Penguins doing so well, in recent years, the popularity of the sport has grown so, a group of residents in the DuBois area have created a group to bring a rink to the region.

The project would cost about $3,000,000 - $5,000,000. They are looking for investors and say the rink would be used for more than competitive hockey. There would be lessons, free skates, birthday parties and even weddings, if someone wants to.

They say this would help give kids another option for fun during the winter and would keep them from taking part on dangerous activities like drugs.

For more on the efforts visit here.
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