Teens facing charges over explicit pictures

Teens facing charges over explicit pictures

Police say all the students involved were 13-15 years old.
THREE SPRINGS, HUNTINGDON COUNTY – Sixteen teenagers are facing criminal charges accused of sending explicit photos on cell phones and other electronic devices.

The alleged photos were sent from Southern Huntingdon High School March 20th.

State Police say the 8 females and 8 males involved all range 13-15 years old. No word on if they face punishment from the school.

Police say the most concerning part of the case is the pressure some of the boys allegedly put on the girls to send the pictures.

"It's one of those things where if they weren't charged with this particular crime they could have been charged with harrassment because of what they were doing to the females at the school, but it's also important that parents realize they have to talk with their children and let them know that this is a serious matter," Trooper David McGarvey of the Pennsylvania State Police says.

The Juvenile Court System is handling all of the cases. None of the students are facing jail time.
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