Surprise! Local Woman Ends Up on Ballot

Candidate was told she had lost primary election.
NORTHERN CAMBRIA, CAMBRIA COUNTY - Betty Krug is on the ballot for a spot on the Northern Cambria school board, but the night before the election she wasn't campaigning. She was teaching class at her local stained glass business.
"I was shocked and pretty excited when I found out I was still on the ballot," Krug says.
In May's primary election Betty Krug lost to Kevin Krug (the two aren’t related) on the democratic side of the ballot by one vote.
Once the absentee votes were tallied though, Betty actually had won by four votes.
But she says she was never told.
"All of my signs were pretty much thrown out. I probably only had a dozen left,” Krug says.
So with only five days instead of five months to campaign, she's staying upbeat.
"All of my supporters and friends have been awesome. I've had people volunteering to stand outside polling stations tomorrow and had out buttons," Krug says.

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