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Sunlight Good for the Heart

UVA light may be lower blood pressure.

Exposure to sunlight may be bad for your skin, but it may be good for your blood pressure.

As we've been told many times, overdoing it in the sun or the tanning bed can lead to skin cancer. But now a new study suggests that exposing skin to sunlight may help   reduce blood pressure, which would then cut the risk of heart attack and stroke,.

British researchers exposed  24 healthy people to ultraviolet light from tanning lamps, for two sessions of 20 minutes each.
They found that the UVA light altered levels of the small messenger molecule,  in the skin and blood, reducing blood pressure.

The scientists say blood pressure and heart disease vary according to season and latitude, with higher levels observed in winter and in countries further from the equator, where ultraviolet radiation from the sun is lower.

The study is in the current issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology

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