Stay Cool Before Summer Heat Starts

It hasn't been too hot yet, but everyone's taking the right precautions before the heat hits.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY -- It's the beginning of July and we're seeing the beginning of some summer heat, but before it gets really hot, we went out to gather some of the best tips for staying cool from the people who know best.
Gib Weller has worked in construction for four decades, and he's seen far hotter summers than we've seen already.
"This summer is not really all about that hot. We've had some hot days but not long periods of hot temperatures,” said Gib Weller, Project Supervisor.
But he still keeps the safety of his crew in mind on days like today.
Weller said, "We make sure that we have lots of water on hand, lots of Gatorade, and we have more frequent breaks."
Hays Bickel, a bridge laborer, said "Oh it wears you out. It takes it right out of you. You're usually soaked with sweat. It makes for a long day."
But maybe it's the group of kids taking a break from their ymca summer camp who know how to cool off best.
Jude Kauffman said, "I'm eating something from the Blue & White Candy Store. An extra flavor lime snow cone."
Olivia Michelone said, "I drink lots of water to stay cool."
The dog days of summer are still ahead. And for some, the heat is more welcome than the alternative.
Jeff Emery, Concrete Finisher, said “It's not bad. It's better than cold. It's easier to get cold off than stay warm.”
Everyone says the best way to keep cool is to wear light colors and keep water handy.

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