Shooting on Navy destroyer leaves two dead

Shooting on Navy destroyer leaves two dead

Authorities say the suspect had proper identification to access the base, but not the USS Mahan.
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA – A sailor was shot and killed aboard a Navy destroyer late Monday night, and the suspect was killed by responding security forces.

A spokeswoman at Naval Station Norfolk confirmed the male suspect had identification to get on the base but breached security to reach the USS Mahan around 11:20 p.m. Monday at Pier 1 on the base.

According to CBS affiliate WTKR, a scuffle occurred when security forces would not let the suspect past the entrance to the Mahan. During the scuffle, the suspect grabbed a gun from the Petty Officer on watch and shot a male sailor who was responding to the breach.

Operations returned to normal Tuesday, but Pier 1 was being treated as an active crime scene as of Tuesday morning.

USS Mahan is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, and the fourth such vessel named after Alfred Thayer Mahan, a naval theorist in the 19th Century.
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