Selfies Causing More Plastic Surgery?

Woman spends $15,000 to improve on-line face.
ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - How far would you go to look good online? One woman recently admitting spending $15,000 on plastic surgery to look better in her selfies and the latest statistics show that cosmetic surgery and less invasive procedures are  on the rise.
Only 28, Elizabeth Laich from Altoona, gets a little bit of Botox every three months because she doesn't like the lines on her forehead. She says,"you can tell when it's starting to wear off. You can tell whenver you need it done."

Americans had more than 6 million Botox procedures last year, a 3 percent increase over the year before. The use of wrinkle plumpers like Juvederm jumped 18 percent in the same time period.

Elizabeth gets those injections in her lips, every 6 months. She says her bottom lip is larger than her top lip, and the injection make them more even, and more natural looking.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Louton says his time in the operating room has tripled with facelifts being very ,very popular.

"I  certainly believe it could be due to social media," he says. "People are getting other glimpses of themselves that perhaps they haven't seen just by looking in the mirror."

One recent patient didn't undergo a facelift to look better on selfies, or because she does do a lot of video-conferencing, but believes the operation is helping her career.

"She says she's getting tons of confidence and she thinks she's projecting herself better as a result of that," Dr. Louton says.

He says, at his office, Blair Plastic Surgery, all sorts of anti-aging procedures are taking off and they don't all involve the face.

He recently added a technique called "Cool Sulpting," designed to freeze fat, so that it dissolves. The procedure was devised  for people in pretty good shape, who feel they need a little extra help.
Still, there may  be a few holdouts in the rush to the plastic surgeon's office.

Bedford resident Howard Sloan says, "I'm on FaceBook and things like that, but, plastic surgery just to look better on your selfie?  Photoshop wold probably be cheaper."

Wanda Duvall from Mcveytown isn't interested either, saying, "I'm me. This is how I was made and I like how I look for my age."

Even Elizabeth, who regularly gets Botox and Juvederm says, "I  don't do it for my selfies. Most of my pictures are of my 2 little ones, but you know it's good to have it done." After all, her tenth class reunion is coming up.
Dr Louton says while social media can make us feel we have to compete with others even movie stars, he believes that the aging of the baby boomers is the main reason for increase.

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