Search Continues for Missing Teen

Land and water search efforts continue along the Susquehanna River
KARTHAUS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY - Volunteers spent most of their day Sunday continued searching along the Susquehanna River for a teen who went missing Saturday.
Just before one o'clock Saturday afternoon, calls went out for a water rescue in the river. A church group from eastern Pennsylvania was out canoeing when two of the teens ran into some trouble.
One of them, a 19-year-old man, was still missing 24 hours later.
Ten different fire departments, six search and rescue teams and nearly 100 volunteers, started searching once again for him at seven o’clock Sunday morning.
"They’re out searching the river,” said Scott Mignot, Deputy Director of Emergency Management in Clearfield County. “We have swift water rescue boats in the water and on each side of the bank we have land search and rescue, walking a long the banks."
Rails cars had to be used to take volunteers far back into the woods.
And inside, another dozen people were taking calls and mapping out the area.
"All the maps are used to get a layout of the area and to track where we've searched and where we still need to search," said Mignot.
All water traffic in the area was suspended Sunday, as crews searched the river.
"The waters still high because of the rain, which also makes the water a lot faster, and the water it’s dirty so you can't see through it," said Mignot. 
The boats will be taken out of the water when it gets dark, but volunteers will still be out walking along the bridges in the area throughout the night.

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