Same Day Joint Surgery Gets Good Marks

Same Day Joint Surgery Gets Good Marks

Patients going home same day as surgery, do as well as those staying in hospital.

A new study confirms what some folks in our region already knew -- you can safely have your knee or hip replaced and go home the same day.

A few months ago, WTAJ took you along as an area woman underwent same-day knee replacement, and a local man had outpatient hip replacement,

Rick Shaffer from Bedford County walked just a few hours after his procedure at the Advanced Center for Surgery in Altoona. Dr Chris McClellan's done more than 100 of the procedures since last fall.

He says patients are less likely to develop blood clots and the operations cost a third of what they would in a hospital. Dr. McClellan says he generally reserves same-day joint surgery for patients 65 and under, in good health.

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