Runners Set to Mark Anniversary

Central PA athletes ready to honor 60th anniversary of first four-minute mile.
STATE COLLEGE - The running world will celebrate the anniversary of a historic milestone this week.
The 60th anniversary of the first four-minute mile is Tuesday.
Runners in Central PA are driven by the mark as much now as folks were when it was broken six decades ago.
It really is a special club for the people who break four minutes and a way for athletes to connect with the history of their sport.
“You can compare yourself not only to people who are alive today, but people who ran before you and it's so black and white that you know exactly how you stack up against your predecessors," says Penn State’s Brannon Kidder, who broke four minutes to win the mile at the 2013 Penn State Indoor National.
Kidder in one of just more than 400 runners in the US who have ever broken the four-minute mark in the mile.

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