Returning Home To Uncertainty

National Guard members recently back from Afghanistan concerned about shutdown.
JOHNSTOWN - The Pennsylvania National Guard's 104th Aviation Unit got back from Afghanistan nearly two months ago. On Monday night they were honored in Johnstown, but nationally some of them haven't received the welcome they were looking for.
“I love that people still appreciate what were trying to do for our country and stuff like that,” Tressa McQuaide says.
But some National Guard veterans aren't feeling the support from Washington D.C.
Tressa McQuaide is waiting on a travel voucher payment from the government, while others have yet to receive money they earned while serving overseas.
 “It's very frustrating because we all work so hard and we all love what we do and it's kind of upsetting to come home and some people maybe bought a house and now they're backing off because they may not get their pay,” McQuaide says.
The shutdown has also limited income for some full time guard members.
“Right now it's kind of small but that will change 10 percent, 20 percent drastically every other day that the closure continues,” National Guard Chief Warrant Officer Scott Hetrick says.
Scott Hetrick is back from his second tour of duty overseas.
He says watching our leaders struggle to negotiate reminds him of something a lot of parents can relate to.
“It's extremely embarrassing to watch your children fight in public and Washington D.C. is a bunch of children fighting in public. It's as simple as that,” Hetrick says.
And as frustrating as the shutdown has been, the veterans were happy to celebrate their return Monday night, and say they won't focus on what they can't control.
“It's sad you know. You just kind of have to deal with it...I guess it comes with the contract we signed we'll see what happens I guess,” Hetrick says.
Rep. Keith Rothfus was scheduled to be the keynote speaker, but had to cancel because of the shutdown in Washington D.C.

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