Relieving Knee Pain with Chinese Herbs

Relieving Knee Pain with Chinese Herbs

Study says treatment relieves pain without any side-effects.

It's been around for thousands of years and used to treat a variety of disorders. Now a new Chinese study finds the ancient practice of moxibustion is an effective way to control arthritis pain in the knee.

The technique involves burning herbs and applying the  heat that results, to specific points on the body. In a study of about 100 people with knee osteoarthritis, half received moxibustion treatment and the other half got a sham version of the therapy. Researchers at the Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine say those who received the real treatment, 3 times a day for 6  weeks, had much less pain and better mobility.

Dr. Jamie Starkey, the Lead Acupuncturist at Cleveland Clinic says "in addition to improving pain scores and improving mobility, there were absolutely, no side effects."

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